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I have read through the forums and understand that most RCD500 head units require you to tap the CD Button twice in order to bring up the Aux menu, but mine doesnt change to this menu, it simply remains on CD screen. From memory there is a setting you can change on the INFO menu on the RNS and probably the MENU screen on the RCD. t=97418 EDIT: To properly answer your question you need to double check all your connections and like I said, check if any settings need to be changed.

I can skip over his initial and lackluster stabs at humor, and the pointless attempt to explain what the debate is was helpful.

My situation is that I’ve been practicing Game (not just learning or ‘studying’, but actively going out and doing) for the past ten years.

My purpose in writing this thread is to identify the problem so I can solve it. It might seem that way, and if it does, then forgive me, I’m really sincerely trying to solve the issues here.

I first found the red pill in the form of David D at the age of 17, and I’m 28 now.

For that entire time, I’ve been doing everything I’m supposed to do: I’ve done astronomical amounts of approaches on a consistent basis in all sorts of settings both daytime and nighttime.


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