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As we compare orthodox (that is fundamental) Christianity and orthodox (fundamental) Islam, we hope to speak to a variety of audiences, including: Let us say this also at the outset.

As noted on our home page, our organization is dedicated to exploring God through reason and evidence.

Questi autori evidenziano come il riferimento alla sorte del tempio non sia chiaro e come siano invece presenti numerosi passaggi nei quali l'evangelista sembra presupporre l'esistenza del tempio nel momento in cui scrive tra questi uno dei più famosi è John Wenham, tra i maggiori sostenitori della ipotesi agostiniana.

L'esegeta Francesco Spadafora ha analizzato la dipendenza della Prima lettera ai Tessalonicesi di Paolo di Tarso dai capitoli 23 e 24 del vangelo di Matteo, che datano 50-51 d.

evelation is a confusing book to most people despite the many commentaries written.

The book reveals Jesus Christ, the God of the Bible, in His role during the Tribulation and as King of Kings (subjective genitive) and is the revelation from Jesus about the events that will transpire during the Tribulation and afterwards (objective genitive). Summary Preterist and Historical schools of interpretation face insurmountable obstacles in identifying events described in Revelation with events in history.

To get an understanding of Christianity and Islam, we consider irrelevant what Sally and Omar may improvise about their respective religions.

Anybody can make up their own religion, for example, by taking from the Bible whatever they want and tearing out the pages they don't want.

They take on the label of the religion, but not the beliefs or practices.

They may even attend worship services, but in their own mind reject many of the core beliefs.


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