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Worse, if you strip condos out, the average detached home in 416 is selling for 3,993, which is a gain of 15% in twelve months.

That’s roughly equivalent to anything that happened during the American housing bubble which, sadly, ended in tears. Housing is HOT regardless of what the American tells you. This isn’t America folks, we have real jobs that pay well. Drain, a federal bankruptcy judge in the Southern District of New York, said in court last month that the failure of the mortgage industry to deal with pervasive problems involving inaccurate documentation and improper court filings amounted to “the greatest failure of lawyering in the last 50 years.” By GRETCHEN MORGENSON “This is as regressive as it is cynical.

That would suggest that the Bush tax cuts are not the cure for slow economic growth.

And while at it, he might follow lenders’ reluctant lead and outlaw ‘stated income’ mortgages which allow self-employed Vancouver hairdressers to get 0,000 mortgages.

The impetus for all this is a massive run-up in real estate values of the kind announced on Friday by the realtor cartel in godless GTA, followed by The Mold House incident.

Any money left over after financing a defibrillator at Moss Lane will be donated to Mark Maddox's Motor Neurone Disease charity.

Altrincham travel to Chester on Easter Monday (3pm).


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