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Hey, it’s all a part of growing up and learning what you want, and more power to you for taking the time to figure it all out. I’ve dated a lot of different types of guys: the artist, the accountant, the unemployed, the teacher and now, most recently, the therapist.

A lot of women ask me what it’s like to date a shrink. If I am laying down on a couch, does he come over and sit next to me with a little notebook and a monocle?

You’ve met with your therapist once a week for a year or more.

You’ve shared some of your deepest concerns and worries. She (or he, but I’ll stick to female pronouns here) has supported you, rooted for you, listened to and soothed your pain.

You may run into her at the grocery store or find yourself only a few seats away on the bleachers of your kids’ soccer game.

It’s only natural to see such a person as a friend.

A boundary in counseling is much like a boundary on a piece of land. It’s a line that says where the relationship begins and ends.If the two of you click, the conversation will flow.If you carry the conversation, you won’t witness whether or not the two of you are conversationally compatible.Ask questions, get to know her and watch to see if she wants to get to know you too.It’s sweet to try and impress her, but dating is about furthering your knowledge about the person and then deciding if you want to continue. Create some for them to miss you and in the meantime, get on with your life. If you want to text a “Thank you I had a great time would you like to do it again?What my therapist boyfriend (let’s call him Brady – he’s a real life therapist, so we have to be confidential here! Duh, listening is his job, but I mean, he actually hears what I am saying. This can lead to the dreaded over-analyzation tunnel, where two hours later both people are like, “Hrm, did we just talk ourselves in a circle? I’m a list-maker and problem solver by nature, so I think that helps.


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