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It was a mystery who owned the dilapidated wall, which pre-dated the houses built around it and was most likely originally part of the previously larger St Nicholas Church grounds.MORE: Riddle of who is responsible for old wall repair in Yarmouth Now, thanks to funding from a county councillor, the safety concerns have been addressed and the wall has been reshaped.

“I took the issue up two years ago but hit a brick wall in that the wall was not in county or borough council ownership and probably preceded the building of these houses.“The wall made St Nicholas Terrace look unkempt and damaged pride of place for those living there.”Residents welcomed the repairs, but said the whole wall is a concern.To find out more about Spice have a look around the website and click on the links below and invest in YOUR life!All our air inclusive holidays are ATOL bonded giving you financial security and having been around for 28 years we are the longest running and largest Adult only single holiday, adventure, sports and social membership group in the UK.In My Family And Other Animals, the author Gerald Durrell gives the impression that his family went to Corfu in 1935 almost on a whim, selling their English house and sailing into the unknown to escape rainy summer days and stuffed-up noses.They laughed and wrote beautifully of their island idyll, but nobody in the family talked about what had really brought them to the island – the sudden death of their father in India, the devastating effect it had on their mother, and the yearning to restore something lost.Labour county councillor for Central and Northgate division, Mick Castle, used money from his ward allocation to fund the repair work.


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