Sedating dog for xrays

This series of articles will discuss the most common causes of nasal discharge, how we diagnose what is wrong with your pet and the treatment options.

In this article we will list the most common causes of discharge in dogs and cats and then each fortnight, one of them will be discussed in depth.

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In many cases, the problem clears up with a simple course of antibiotic, but often, as the antibiotics wear off the nasal discharge simply recurs.

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Read this article to find out some commonly used prescriptions, as well as herbal sedatives for dogs.

2- Request from family veterinarian an anti inflammatory medication called Rimadyl.

3- If no improvement after doing the above then proceed with xrays as previously discussed with family veterinarian. if it is Arthritis what is typical treatment ( if any ) ? if it is patella luxation what is the typical treatment ( my vet indicated that they operate and "pin" the patella in place )? You see, dogs will not stay still when taking the xrays, especially xrays of the limbs which we need at certain angles, it is almost impossible to take good xrays of the limbs in a dog that is awake.

and is seen in certain breeds such as the German Shepherd.

It causes bleeding, pussy discharge and destroys the nasal passages from the inside.


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