Single dating diva

Instead of playing it safe with perfunctory ‘drinks’, why not think about doing something that you genuinely like to do – something that you would do for yourself anyway on the weekend or even on a week night?

Dying to see the Cindy Sherman exhibit at the Broad?

"This is very, very new," a source told the outlet. reports the couple see each other at least a few times a month despite Lopez' residency in Las Vegas.

Rodriguez, 41, was married to Cynthia Scurtis until 2008.

Rodriguez' relationship with Lopez, 48, comes just months after his high-profile break-up with Silicon Valley fixture Anne Wojcicki.

Or ask them to sum up their life on a bumper sticker.

, singer Jennifer Lopez and former pro baseball player Alex Rodriguez are dating. Lo is just dating." The source went on to claim both parties are simply looking for a "good light-hearted time," and are not looking for a serious relationship.

But you’ll see." There I was on Saturday morning in my local coffee shop happily reading the newspaper when it happened.

As is my habit, I hit the style section first (I think I read something about boots). [Read more...]I find I'm in a sort of pensive mood lately, both because of a sad event in a friend’s life, and of happy events in my own.


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