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They can be big-time savers and success builders in dating.”Still not convinced? Here's what Simple Texting found: Contrary to popular belief, a whopping 38 percent of men and 44 percent of women are long for long-term relationships on apps. Seven percent had reached between six months and a year with someone they met on an app, 15 percent said had reached longer than a year, and 14 percent said they were engaged or married— so it really does happen, if that's what you're looking for. Well, it happens all over— but the South was definitely the big hitter for engagements, with 16.3 percent of respondents saying that they were engaged or married from an app.

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We want this because once she starts paying attention to your texts, even if for a brief moment, she has psychologically made a micro-commitment to you by interacting with you once.

The technique I will show you in this blog post: Story behind this technique: I had success with this technique quite a few times when I was a beginner in a small city.

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For some reason, even though it feels like the online dating stigma is disappearing, the myth of dating apps only being for hookups still exists. The folks at Simple Texting, an SMS Marketing service, looked into dating app habits to find out what people are looking for on dating apps— and how successful they are.

They shared the data exclusively with Bustle to give an idea of how common long-term relationships from dating apps actually are in the real world. — they're probably more common than you might think.

“Because they’re so easy to use on phones, you can take them with you and use them all over the place.

Your life can be a lot more flexible with these portable apps. So while nearly a quarter of people said they'd never had more than one or two date flings off of apps (and another quarter said 'other'), if you look at the more long-term options you might be pleasantly surprised.


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