Stephy tang dating stephy album

Commencing in 2005, Ng had officially begun developing her career as a solo artist.As a girl, Ng had studied at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong.In 2002, she joined Hong Kong music group Cookies and became the lead singer.

Tang graduated from the Buddhist Sum Heung Lam Memorial College and the Department of Fashion Design at IVE.When she debuted, she had been a member of a music group, Cookies; however, the members of Cookies were eventually arranged to explore their respective solo careers in 2005, and the group is now disbanded.She had temporarily been the lead vocals of rock band Ping Pung in 2004, but Ping Pung had also disbanded after only releasing one album that same year.Ng was one of the four members who successfully remained with the group, along with Stephy Tang, Theresa Fu, and Miki Yeung. She graduated from Buddhist Sum Heung Lam Memorial College and the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education's Department of Fashion Design.In 2002, she joined Cookies, a music group in Hong Kong, and became the lead singer.


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