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I sometimes compare her to a child because she is a child to me, but she had already celebrated her 18th birthday a few months previously.Lizzie was my stepdaughter and she had been a part of my life for the past 4 years.I knew she was just being playful and not really trying to annoy me as children often do.I was just giving her a dose of my playfulness in return.

Typical reluctance erotica might involve a partner who is unwilling at first to take part in some form of sexual activity, however more often than not, there's a happy ending.I was naked, my legs were spread indecently far apart and my bottom was pushed out towards Doctor Riemen.This would have been quite humiliating all by itself, however Doctor Riemen increased my mortification by spearing my asshole with her fingers and probing deep and mercilessly into my anus."Now Gwendoline, I am going to ask you some questions," Doctor Riemen said in a cold, phlegmatic tone of voice, "And you are going to be very honest with all of your answers." "Yes, Doctor Riemen," I replied reflexively, without any thought of resistance crossing my mind.Her fingers had speared me, and I felt utterly controlled by her while they remained deep inside of me.I felt so vulnerable and helpless while impaled on her fingers, I believe I would have agreed to anything she said.


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