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Aramaic is the ancient language of the Semitic family group, which includes the Assyrians, Babylonians, Chaldeans, Arameans, Hebrews, and Arabs.

In fact, a large part of the Hebrew and Arabic languages is borrowed from Aramaic, including the Alphabet.

Despite Hellenistic influences, especially in the cities, that followed the conquests of Alexander the Great of Macedonia, Aramaic remained the vernacular of the conquered peoples in the Holy Land, Syria, Mesopotamia and the adjacent countries. D., two full centuries after the Islamic conquests of Damascus in 633, and Jerusalem in 635.

Aramaic has never been totally supplanted by Arabic.

The modern Hebrew (square) script is called "Ashuri", "Ashuri" is the Hebrew name for Assyrian, the name being used to signify the ancestor of the Assyrians, Ashur the son of Shem, the son of Noah (Genesis ).

Aramaic is quoted in the very first book of the Bible, Berisheth (Genesis) in Chapter .

From that point on, Samuel did everything in his power to undermine Saul.

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During the later Chaldean (Neo-Babylonian) and Persian conquests, Aramaic had become the international medium of exchange.

Samuel delayed his coming for three days, till the army started to scatter, and Saul made the sacrifice; then Samuel appeared, berated Saul and declared he had forfeited his kingdom for disobedience!

From that point on, Samuel anointed David and did everything he could to topple Saul.

This rock had been recycled in the building of the wall: it was the large fragment of a stele that someone had deliberately smashed.

The language was Old Aramaic, and among the words could be made out "Israel" and "house-of-David," written as a single construct.


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