Updating a rancher home best dating script

I’ve got a fun project I’m helping with and want to share it with y’all today! One of my friends from my church and fellow choir member, Andrea, has lived in this 1950’s brick ranch house off the Marietta square for 14 years.She bought it from her mother and has never made it her own.We’ve barely gotten started on things, so it might be a bit slow, but I wanted to share the Before pics with you so you can see what we are working with.It has really good bones and will be a great house.

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Firestorms The monolithic glass structures in the Glass Desert can cause a terrifying phenomenon known as firestorms.

In order for your players to unlock the rewards club itself, they will need to read a starmail they'll receive "starting at noon on day 7".

The rewards club will come with items in different tiers and will cost a lot of newbucks to unlock.

Monomi Park knows that not most players will be able to unlock the final tiers: Please note that while these rewards are intended to be expensive (especially in the final third), we don’t wish to make them completely unobtainable for all but a small group of players.

So please visit this thread linked below and provide us with feedback on the costs of the rewards club.


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