Updating eclipse

After downloading the zip file: Extract the contents of the zip file in the eclipse/dropins folder and restart Eclipse.If it doesn't work, try restarting Eclipse with the -clean flag (if you're a regular user and installing with admin, make sure you call -clean logged in as admin, so that Eclipse finds out about it).Like for all standard Eclipse plug-ins there are different installation options.Using the marketplace or update site is the recommended procedure.Ecl Emma ships as a small set of Eclipse plug-ins under the Eclipse Public License.

updating eclipse-19updating eclipse-75updating eclipse-35updating eclipse-40

While most times things work as explained, some users may have messages such as: Unable to load the repository Unknown Host: means there's some issue accessing the update site in your current connection.

This happens via a popup notification: Click the Activate your Trial link in this popup and the JRebel Activation window will open.

You can also open this window from Help Activation.

Run the Tycho build again or export your product again via the UI. Y ou don’t want to override the existing exported application.

Make sure to select the Start your exported application and check again for updates via your menu entry.


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