Updating excel data with dsn less connection vba

An Access database with links to this SQL Server data source works just fine. The problem cropped up after the database and Excel sheets were moved to a new physical server.I tried to edit the Query in hopes of recreating it from scratch but I can't see the Query because the ODBC error appears and won't open the query editor.

This post sponsered by Ok, now you have a worksheet with a nice table with data.

So the data thus becomes available to anyone with an Internet connection, but the application itself, the front-end (FE), remains on each user’s local computer.

A few people have now asked me ‘Why such an article? Simply put, Microsoft has, once again, not provided a simple step by step explanation of how to accomplish this task.

How can I fix the error or open the query so I can manually recreate it? --Art I have an excel sheet that I have MS Query attatched to.

Recently, our servers were renamed to something different.


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