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"Once the listing decision takes effect, virtually every industry operating within the species' range — from agriculture and crop production to residential and commercial development, from energy production and distribution to manufacturing —will be profoundly affected," the petition said.

Richard, Blumenthal Year of Birth: 1946 A Senator from Connecticut; born in Brooklyn, N.

After a delay of more than a month, the bumblebee became the first species on the continental U. One of many bee types that have suffered steep population declines, the rusty-patched has disappeared from about 90 per cent of its range in the past 20 years. Fish and Wildlife Service will devise a plan for returning the imperilled bee to "a healthy and secure condition," the U. Scientists say disease, pesticide exposure, habitat loss and climate change are among possible reasons for the decline of the bee, named for the rusty reddish patch on the backs of workers and males.

It previously was common across the East Coast and much of the Midwest, where it played a crucial role as a pollinator of crops and wild plants. Most of the grasslands and tallgrass prairies where they once thrived have been converted to farms or urban areas.

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“Therefore, avoiding exposure to an ex-partner both offline and online may be the best remedy for healing a broken heart,” say the researchers. A few weeks ago I saw that an ex-boyfriend just had a baby.

This is a bloke who used to smoke while sitting on the toilet and turned out to be a petty thief.

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The bee's endangered listing, approved by the service shortly before President Barack Obama left office, had been scheduled to take effect Feb. But the Trump administration, which has pledged to pare back federal regulations, said it would postpone the listing until Tuesday.

Finding that a character like this has created life with someone and you haven’t, ain’t so good for the ego.

Another old boyfriend now seemingly leads an excellent life: married, successful career, hot wife.

And really, that’s what Facebook-stalking is: the online equivalent of doing a late-night drive-by.

But what happens when you discover that person is killing it in life – or, God forbid, that little red love heart with “engaged” pops up with their name? And that’s exactly what new research has discovered: Facebook-stalking your ex can hurt like hell and stop you from getting over the relationship. Every time we scroll through their photos and read their updates, the last thing we want to see is that they’re married, or have a baby, or look super hot – yet it’s exactly what we’re looking for. It’s hard to feel sorry for yourself when the pain is self-inflicted.


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