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the reason for this is because our users are not very savvy and might not update the app and what will end up happening that we will have different versions everywhere - that will be a pain in the butt for sure.

It isn't the most rock'n'roll package to install on your Pocket PC or Smartphone, but Microsoft .The latest update to Windows Embedded Compact 2013 was a bit of a surprise as besides the usual cumulative bug fixes and tweaks it adds development support with Visual Studio 2015.Since the days of Windows Mobile 6 and even CE 7 it has been common to use an old version of Visual Studio to…As many of you know, in Barcelona last week at the Mobile World Congress, Microsoft presented a "beta" of Windows Mobile 6.5 which will probably be launched later on this year.I have been reading a lot of articles on the web about this congress and the new features of Windows Mobile 6.5 but nowhere have I found any indications if the .I found one article on MSDN from 2003 that explains it quite well. Anyone really done it before or does everyone rely on third party solutions? Basically, your application calls a web service to compare its version with the version available on the server.


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