Updating sheet list in excel

Ideally one should store all raw data on one Worksheet, in a classic table format (headings across the top and data laid out beneath) and then use another Worksheet to extract, report, chart and filter out needed data. You will also note that a range based on the Worksheet name is added to each Worksheet in range A1.

However, sometimes this is just not possible for many reasons which is why we will see how we can work-around by creating an index sheet. If this clashes with existing names, simply change; .

Before we jump into that, let's first ensure you are aware of Excel's built in pop-up sheet index.

To see this simply right click on the sheet scroll tabs to the left of the name tabs.

This could be major overkill, especially since the user could have several unrelated, potentially complicated, workbooks open.By doing this you will see a pop-up menu like shown below; Upon clicking "More sheets..." you will see all Worksheets listed in a nice scrollable List Box as shown below Worksheet Index If this is still not what you need we can create a Worksheet Index. Name = "Index" End With For Each w Sheet In Worksheets If w Sheet. First add a new sheet to the Workbook and call it "Index" (optional). Are you tired of manually linking similar outputs from different tabs in an Excel model to a summary sheet?Many of you will have spent time doing this, wishing for a magic formula to complete the task quickly and accurately. Since you are specifying that you want to link to a specific cell on the source sheets, this means that you cannot insert or remove rows or columns on any of the source sheets or you will then no longer be linking to the correct cell. Next right click on the sheet name tab of the "Index" sheet and select "View Code".


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