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I created a SSIS package for a CRM project I was working on recently.

After deploying and executing the SSIS package in the client’s production environment, it completed successfully, but zero records were created in the target CRM entity. We realised the BDD had not been installed on the production server after hours of problem solving.

Installing the BDD, reinstalling the SSIS package and re-executing the SSIS package fixed the issue and resulted in the SSIS package loading data into CRM.

Be aware: false positive success notifications can occur when executing SSIS packages that use third party components on a server where said third party SSIS components like the BDD are not installed.

The purpose of the package is to retrieve data from a comma-separated values (CSV) file, insert the data into a SQL Server table (though no data is actually loaded), and then delete the file.

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Is there something I'm missing to updating the SSIS package parameters?You can also use the Script task to combine functions that might normally require multiple tasks and data flow components.In this article, I demonstrate how to implement a Script task into the control flow of a basic SSIS package.I described some ideas I had for SSIS branching strategies when you’re using source control a while back.I’d like to add the following high level recommendations to that post: Now, there are probably cases where single package updates for an SSIS project deployment can come in handy (even when you’re using source control, producing regular builds off the integration branches, etc). If you have one of these scenarios, I’d really like to hear it – either via Connect, or by posting here (or ideally, both).The Script component can be used as a source, transformation, or destination to enhance the data flow, but it cannot be used in the control flow, just like the Script task is not available to the data flow.


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