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Opener Dark Snow packs a meaty punch with Havok’s high-wire vocals, Still A Stranger’s short, fast and loud guitars plus gang chorus stand out and Aurelia’s moody, echoing keys and clean beats all set the listener up for a rollercoaster ride.1) A rock band that originally formed in 1991, has become more well known after releasing their "Sing The Sorrow" CD. AFI isn't exactly punk, and it isn't emo. The band recently released first track "I Hope You Suffer," which immediately rocketed into the top 10 on i Tunes Alternative Songs Chart.Rolling Stone described the song as "epic," "layering [lead vocalist Davey] Havok's anguished cries within a lightning storm of distortion, synthetic orchestrations, and volcanic percussion." AFI (Havok, guitarist Jade Puget, bassist Hunter Burgan and drummer Adam Carson) will be performing "I Hope You Suffer" and previewing additional songs from Burials during their upcoming North American tour, which kicks off September 12th at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis.: Singapore – After delivering decades of genre-bending music, Davey Havok is getting behind the mic again – this time in the buff for a steamy new anti-leather ad campaign for PETA US. In an exclusive video for PETA US, Havok notes that many shoppers have become desensitised to the real cost of clothing made from animal skins.

There’s a lot going on from the outset — anthems, slow burners, their usual dark turns down gothic rock paths — but it’s only after subsequent listens that the beauty of this 14-track wonder hits home.

“But no article of clothing, feeling of confidence, or otherness is worth the torture or the murder of an innocent creature.” Havok goes on to discuss the harsh environmental impact of producing leather, a coproduct of the meat industry, which includes the massive carbon emissions of cattle and the toxic tannery chemicals that pollute nearby water supplies: “[I]f you are wearing leather while not eating animals, you’re still contributing to the destruction of …

the ecosphere.” In addition, leather frequently isn’t labelled.

Because of this many people see them as an emo band, now based on a couple songs that they heard on the radio. AFI stands for "A Fire Inside." 2) People hate AFI and sometimes refer to it as "emo," it attempts to look hardcore and cool.

They have a unique touch and if you're into stuff with meaning than it'd be worth your time to try AFI.


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