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All edged and trimmed ..Spencer Stevenson Co Ltd at The Enson Works, Longton, Staffordshire from ... This auction is for a vintage 1950s scottish Royal Stuart tartan white beaded heather design brooch. In very good, vintage condition with a secure fastening.Puce Marks1928 Small square1929 Diamond1930 Three horizontal lines1931 OO (two circles)1932 OOO (three circles)1933-1938 Three circles and one dot1939 Then a dot for each year Black Marks 1938 To Date B-1 Black One1938 Three circles and 6 dots1939 Three circles and 7 dots1940 Three circles and 8 dots Blue wavy line sometimes added for 1938, 19B-2 Black Two1941 Three circles and 9 dots1942 Three circles and 10 dots1943 The black mark with no date code1944 Bone china in large letters1945 to 1947 The black mark with no date code1948 Bone china in small letters B-3 Black Three1949 Black mark with VB-4 Black Four1950 Black mark with W1951 to 1954 Black mark with W and one1955 dot added for each year B-5 Black Five1956 R and 6 dots1957 R and 7 dots1958 R and 8 dots1956 to 1972 Black mark which may or may not have dots added for years1988 Black mark with M inside a diamond (M replaces R)1989 Black mark with N inside a diamond (N replaces M)1900 to date: Black mark with R inside a circle (Reverting back to the R inside a circle but with lithographer's numbers added to indicate the year).hi, i have got a gold coloured royal worcester coffee set but the mark on the bottom of all items has a circle with just one looped W inside.Japanese wives to royal dating patterns make all of sexual dreams.Days, free life of 23 years royal copenhagen dating in order to work with sex offenders in the serious offence however the average.From the info you supplied, my guess is your Royal Worcester coffee service dates from the 1956 to 1972 production era, as in these years there were marks with 'R' which may not have had dots added for the years.


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